Pond intercessions

Intercessions – the Pond  (adapted from John Pritchard’s Circles of Prayer)

For these intercessions, I would like you to close your eyes and imagine a pond.  It is a sunny day and the pond is still, reflecting the trees and the sky above.  

We are in the centre of that pond and we cause a ripple.   The ripple starts with us, so in a moment of silence, let each of us pray for our part Christ’s work on earth.


The ripple moves out from us and into our communion together.   Please think of some aspect within our church and our worship for which you want to give thanks, and one item that you think needs your payer, and place both in it God’s hands with a silent prayer.


The ripple moves on, into the community.   Please think of someone or some people in your community who you would like to place on God’s care, and offer them to God in a silent prayer.


The ripple continues to spread across the pond and across the nation.  Please take one or more of our leaders and ask for God’s grace in their work in a moment of silent prayer.


The ripple stretches out to the edge of the pond and across the world.  Please choose a place or a situation close to your heart and place it before the Lord.


Having reaching the edge of the pond the ripple reflects back towards us in the middle.  Please take a moment to pray for ourselves and our needs in the coming week.


Lord Jesus, our prayers today are but a ripple in the pond, a small offering in the ocean of need.   Please take our prayers, together with all those who pray around the world, and let your purposes of love, healing and hope be in our communion, in our communities, in our nation and in ourselves, for your name’s sake.   Amen