Gift Aid

Maintaining our ministry requires not only time, it requires money. To maintain it at our current levels, we are expected to be self sufficient, covering the expenses of both our pastoral team and of our buildings.

Planned giving

It is vital that each of our parishes is able to plan it financial future with a fair degree of certainty.

With this in mind, we ask every member of the church family to consider how much he or she is prepared to give to the work of the church's ministry - a weekly or monthly sum: we ask you to pledge this sum as a financial commitment, since it gives our parishes more certainty in planning their financial outlays. And, provided you are a tax payer, we ask you to "Gift Aid" it!

We can reclaim 25% of your gifts and donations from the government. This comes from the tax you pay on your income and which we can claim back to support the church. This costs you nothing. Please use the gift aid envelopes that you will find in each church for your contributions. Every little extra bit helps out: especially if it comes from your taxes.

Alternatively you can sign a Gift Aid declaration that allows the parish of your choice to recover tax paid on all your donations.   For more information please contact the relevant churchwardens or contact us.