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Chilton dog service

Since mediaeval times, our villages have looked on the church as one of the key focal points of the community, both physically (the stones and roofs of our buildings) and spiritually. This ministry, in all its forms, is just as relevant today with there being many people, even those who are not regular church goers, who would miss the church if it were to "shut up shop".

Maintaining our ministry in the villages of the Benefice requires everyone's support. Please consider how you could support us, whether it be within a parish or within the Benefice, whether it be helping with a service or mowing the churchyard. All of these things need doing if we are to keep the church's presence, physical and spiritual, alive within our community. You will have seen from these pages that there are plenty of activities within the Church. Each will always welcome extra help in whatever form it takes. Please do not be shy: we will welcome any help you can give.

Below are listed just some of the areas where help would be most welcome.

To get started please talk to Gemma or  Jenny, one the churchwardens, or contact us directly. Your help will be much appreciated.