How you can help parish

Within the parishes

  • Keeping the church worship alive, whether it be through reading, playing music, etc
  • Coffee: meeting up after services and at the village coffee mornings is a vital part of our communal Christian ministry.
  • Bell ringing (Brill and Ludgershall): there is nothing like a good peal of bells to call people to church!
  • Choir (Brill): the choir adds the wonderful resonance of music to our worship and always need new recruits!
  • Flowers: brighten up our churches (and our worship): flowers add personality to our already lovely churches
  • Cleaning: the more the merrier: it means then that this chore is spread over many more people!
  • Gardening: this mostly comes down to keeping our churchyard mown!
  • General repairs: there are many things that we can do ourselves without expert help to keep the fabric of our churches standing (and our costs down!)