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November Rector's Ramblings

Rector’s Ramblings

As I was leaving a bookshop the other day I spotted a book with the title “The Golden Thread: how fabric changed history”. History and textiles combined in one book - two of my favourite subjects. I had to buy it! I was both surprised and delighted later in the week to hear that this book was Radio 4’s Book of the Week and I listened to a fascinating account of the history of silk production as I drove to a meeting.

Rector's Ramblings April 2018

Rector’s Ramblings

I got some very strange looks in Sainsbury’s in Bicester a few weeks ago!  I was standing in the baby clothes department clutching a doll in my arms. I kept taking outfits from their hangers and trying them against the doll to check the size.  I eventually purchased a white bodysuit, a pair of grey leggings and a pink dress, all newborn size, for my doll.  I sat on a chair by the till and dressed her in her lovely new outfit.  She looked very pretty, even though the bodysuit was a little too long for her!

November's Rector's Ramblings

Rector’s Ramblings

I travelled to London by train last week and had a fascinating journey. I travelled on a slightly later train so that I could use my Senior Railcard (there are some advantages to getting older!). In spite of the fact that it was after the rush hour period it was still crowded with people and I was lucky to get a seat. I then indulged my passion for “people-watching”.

Rector's ramblings September

Rector’s Ramblings

I nearly giggled in church a week ago when I got to the end of the Epistle reading. The line that amused me was “‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’ (Romans 10 v15). I was certainly trying to bring good news to the congregation but I cannot claim to have beautiful feet – far from it! I have always hated my feet or anything to do with feet. I have great admiration for chiropodists or podiatrists who choose to spend their time with feet; such an important job but it would never be my choice of career.

Rector's ramblings August

This month's Rector’s Ramblings is really “Rosie’s Ramblings” because it has been written by Rosie Homer, an ordinand from Cuddesdon who is working with us over the summer. I am very grateful to her for writing such an interesting article for you.


Light up the fire and let the flame burn…”

Rector's Ramblings - Febraury 2016

Love is in the air! During February we celebrate St Valentine’s Day and we hold our Wedding Preparation Day in church for all the couples who are getting married this year. Of course, the shops make a big thing about St Valentine’s Day with the sale of cards, flowers and chocolates. I’m afraid that Valentine’s Day in our house is not a profitable time for local businesses. It usually consists of John saying “We don’t give each other cards, do we?”


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